The PowerFingers Education team has developed a one day course leading to a qualification as a PowerFingers Instructor.

During the course you will learn:

  • The benefits of working with PowerFingers
  • How to build strength, balance muscles and mobilise the wrist and hand
  • The anatomy of the hand and forearm
  • Dynamic warm up exercises
  • More than 30 PowerFingers one and two handed exercises
  • 4 Mini suggested Exercise Class
  • How to get started and apply PowerFingers to your work

The course is open to Pilates Instructors, Yoga Instructors, all Fitness Professionals, Physiotherpists, and Manual Therapists.

But Why Power ?

PowerFingers has been developed to allow anyone – Young or Old, Professional or Amateur – to receive some benefit from its use. Advantages of PowerFingers include Strength building, Finger Speed, Dexterity, Injury Prevention as part of a Post Trauma structured rehabilitation program. PowerFingers is truly ”THE Tool for Life”

Once qualified you will also be eligible to will have access to a large number of benefits.

  • Volume Discounts on PowerFingers for retailing to Clients
  • Marketing Content : Images, Logo, Videos,
  • Advertise Courses via PowerFingers Website
  • Group Class and One to One Exercise Examples
  • New Course Workshops are added as we continue to expand in areas all over the World.

For INSTRUCTOR TRAINING dates, prices and bookings please go to the Course Workshop page

If you would like to host a course at your centre, please contact